Riley Pope Case Files

The name’s Riley Pope. I’m a cryptozoologist by trade, but not by choice; you might say the gift for hunting cryptids is in my blood. I took a job with The Firm when the Cort thing went sour. I’d like to say I did it through a sense of moral duty, but that would be a barefaced lie. I was homeless, flat broke and desperate: they made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.

So now I’m on the books with possibly the world’s oldest organisation. You won’t have heard of them: they’re not the kind of people that need to advertise. If they have a vacancy and you have the right kind of gift, then trust me: The Firm will be in touch.


The Riley Pope Case Files are undergoing some New Year maintenance! With new titles and new covers, they will be available exclusively from Smashwords and remain completely free to download. Watch this space for further updates!