Short Fiction

Mourning Son

666: Dark Drabbles, Black Hare Press (2021)


We all have a fascination for things that scare us—the thrill, the heart-stopping jump scares, the terrifying suspense. From the youngest age, we’re fascinated by the fiendish and furry, the creepiest critters, the naughty and the nasty. Horror is all around us, from the clowns who hide under our bed, to the things we might drag up from the brook at the bottom of the garden, and the zombies who crawl our streets. As author, Megan Feehley, so beautifully says; there is beauty just before the terror…a silken breath taken before the spill of righteousness…the warmth of a licking flame preceding the scald.
So, close the drapes, check the locks, turn on all the lights and get comfortable. But don’t close your eyes…
Never close your eyes…

Cybele’s Lament

Hate: Dark Drabbles, Black Hare Press (2020)

Hate 1

Dark tales of hate and revenge in bite-sized chunks!

A Dish Best Served Cold (Reprint)

The Sirens Call Issue 41, Sirens Call Publications (2018)

The Halloween edition of The Sirens Call ezine comes in at 181 pages and is packed with short stories, flash fiction and poetry. This bi-monthly ezine is absolutely free, just click on the link above to download your copy.

Made To Be Broken

A Kiss And A Promise, Smoking Pen Press (2018)


The six romances included in this anthology have quirky characters, or quirky locations, or quirky situations.  You’ll find a ghost and a new homeowner, a spaceship captain and her cartographer, a window designer and high school beau, a banker and a baker, two vampire hunters, and some supernatural beings.  You’ll find yourself in two different restaurants, and on another planet. You’ll find deception, intrigue, and old memories.  You’ll find Happily-Ever-Afters, and you’ll find Happy-for-Nows. But most of all, you’ll  find true romance.  You’ll find kisses, and you’ll find promises.

A Very Unseelie Act

Glit-er-ary – An Anthology, Bridge House Publishing (2017)


A disgruntled fairy writes a strongly-worded email and receives some very unsatisfactory responses in this epistolary story, published in the Glit-er-ary anthology, available in paperback and ebook formats now.

Pretty Penny

Schlock! Webzine, Vol 12, Issue 10, 18th November (2017) & selected for inclusion in Schlock! Quarterly, Winter 17/18 (2017)


It’s just a dead body. It’s not going to hurt you…

Some apocalyptic horror for all you Walking Dead fans. Schlock! is a free webzine publishing the best of sci-fi, fantasy and horror. Schlock! Quarterly brings you the best stories to appear on the webzine, available in print from

Night Shift

Writing Magazine (2013)

It had just started to rain when the werewolf climbed into my taxi…

So begins this paranormal romance, the winning entry in Writing Magazine’s Paranormal Short Story competition. ‘No one is going to read that line without wanting to know why the werewolf is there and what it is up to’ said the judges. I hope you feel the same. If you do, then just click on the title link and read it for free. Enjoy!

A Dish Best Served Cold

Someone Has To Die Volume 4, Spikethecat Ltd (2011)


Becky had never gone to work with a gun in her handbag before…

This was my second published story (writing as Kate Measom) and the winning submission in Spike The Cat’s fourth volume of Someone Has To Die anthologies.

If you’ve ever had a job that you hated, or a boss you despised, then this one’s for you (those with a weak constitution, however, need not apply). Follow the link and get a sizeable portion of the story for free as an Amazon sample (but not quite all of it – you’ll have to buy the book to see the ending!)

The Wolf Runs In The Barley

Dark Tales Volume XV, Dark Tales (2011)


“The wolf runs in the barley,” Nana Hilda used to say…

Writing as Kate Measom, The Wolf Runs In The Barley was my first published work and one in which I remain very proud. It tells the story of a young girl enchanted by the golden field of barley at the bottom of her garden, a field that Nana Hilda repeatedly warns her she must never go into…

The Wolf Runs In The Barley received an Honourable Mention from editor Ellen Datlow in the Best Horror of the Year Volume 4. 

Passenger, Anonymous

The Jacqui Bennett Writers Bureau (2010)

The driver smiles at me and holds out a hand. He might as well be Charon come to ferry me to hell…

Have yourself a freebie! This one was shortlisted in a competition on the Jacqui Bennett Writers Bureau website, and can be read completely for free by following the title link. As in A Dish Best Served Cold, this one features a female lead with a deadly secret.

Because this is no ordinary bus trip…