Days 2 to 12: crystal balls, Anubis, my pants keep falling down!

I’m 12 days in to #WalkAllOverCancer. I’ve visited some lovely local beauty spots and done a lot of shopping. I’ve also spent a lot more time than planned on the bloody treadmill (thank you British weather).

On day 2 I drove into Leicester after work because I’d seen a crystal ball I wanted to buy (as you do) from a very lovely shop called The Source on Church Gate (if you’re ever in Leicester I recommend you pay them a visit).

c ball
How beautiful is this?!

Pennies spent, I then went for a stroll around Abbey Park, a beautiful and free-to-enjoy green space in the heart of the city. The weather was a little overcast and I saw more ducks than people. It was bliss!


Day 3 was a mixture of shopping, cleaning and treadmill. Day 4 I took the hubby with me and we got absolutely drenched in the only storm of the entire day.

Days 5 to 8 were spent mainly on the treadmill, which is currently lodged into a nook at the end of the hall because the room it is meant to be in is being decorated. This is my view:


On day 9 my FitBit died without telling me and I didn’t log all my steps (also done on the treadmill) so on day 10 I had to do an extra 5000 steps to make up for it, which I squeezed in by way of a shopping trip to Wigston, a town on the outskirts of Leicester that has an abundance of charity shops with all sorts of goodies to be had, including this little fella for the princely sum of £1.50 (there’s a figure of a mummy inside too!):


A pit stop at the chippy and a naughty slice of wild blueberry cheesecake from the Cheesecake Shop followed, because I’d walked 50 miles by day 10 and I needed the fuel!

Day 11 was Sunday and the weather was fair, so the hubby and I went for a walk around the Sence Valley Park in Ibstock, saw lots of ducks and swans, and even got to listen to the Download Festival (which is only a few miles down the road from us) when the wind blew in the right direction:


Day 12 was a Monday so back to work. I went for a lunch time walk, (which provided me with a great story idea) and only needed half an hour on the treadmill to reach my 10,000 steps.

So how do I feel now I’m 60 miles in? Permanently tired. My writing is suffering as a result. I didn’t think it possible but I fell asleep at my laptop the other day. On the upside, I’ve raised £170 for Cancer Research UK so far, and my trousers keep falling down which I assume means I’ve lost some weight. Hurrah!

It’s past midday on Day 13 and I’ve not even racked up 2000 steps yet, so I’m off for a little lunch time trundle. Don’t forget you can sponsor me here, and if you’re ever Leicester way, don’t forget to check out some of our beautiful open spaces (we do a neat line in football teams and long-dead royalty too!)