Day 1 – Three transit vans, two cars and a really bad idea to go walking at rush hour

I did it!

Day 1 of #WalkAllOverCancer is complete.


I ended up doing a four mile walk after work to get all my steps in.

At rush hour.

This is a thing I will not do again.

I would like to point out it was about 23 degrees at 5pm yesterday. Not scorchio for most but I’m a fair-skinned, freckle-faced natural redhead who reacts to the sun like Christopher Lee in a Hammer Horror classic. But I thought that the heat and intensity of the sun early evening would be manageable if I dressed appropriately for a workout of moderate intensity, ie. not a hoody and jeans.

So I pulled on my 3/4 gym leggings, sports bra and vest top and off I went a-walking. I was perfectly presentable, I assure you.

I made it three minutes down the road before the first van of dickheads went past, whistling and shouting the kinds of things that dickheads in vans like to shout so as to demonstrate their intelligence.

Another half a mile, another van. Then a car. Then a van. Then a car again.

Really? It’s 2017 and a woman can’t walk along the street for fifteen minutes without getting catcalled from passing C U next Tuesday’s. Next time I’m taking my phone and getting their number plates. In some counties, this misogynistic bullshit is a hate crime.

But anyway. Apart from the aforementioned pond slime, it was a nice walk through some of the local villages. In terms of how far I made it to Whitby, I’m 6.4 miles of the way there: middle of the M1, somewhere north of Markfield and south of Nottingham:

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