New year, old novel, same determination

I’ve been a bit quiet on the social media front recently, partly because I haven’t felt that I had much to say (not good for an author, right?) but mainly because I’ve been suffering through one of those periods in life where everything that can go wrong, will go wrong. I don’t believe in muses anymore, the ones that abandon you or otherwise, or in writer’s block (if I find I can’t continue a piece of writing, it’s because there’s something wrong with what I’ve written, so I need to go back and unpick it), so I can’t blame my lack of output on anything but myself. (Well I could blame my family, but that’s another blog!)

Illness and irritating relatives aside, the last couple of months haven’t been all bad. I’ve read more books than expected (check out my Goodreads here), the remarkable, unmissable Taboo has graced our screens (and who hasn’t fallen in love with Tom Hardy’s portrayal of James Delaney?), the Walking Dead  has returned from hiatus (Daryl and Carol, hurrah!) and the third and final season of Broadchurch started last night (which I have to catch up on, damn you pesky Foxes and your 3-1 win over Liverpool – hurrah!).

I also got my first royalty statement! I don’t drink coffee, which is good because I still can’t afford to buy a cup with what I’ve earnt, but it does mean a few good folk of the world have been kind enough to read just a little of my work, and that makes me happy.

I’m still ploughing through the never-ending WIP – but with renewed vigour since I sorted out the issues with the back story and plot. I’m 99% certain now that there are no further rewrites or hair-pulling, ‘back to the drawing board’ moments to come, just a lot of thorough editing, which I’m actually (crazily) starting to enjoy.

I’m a little behind on the 4th Riley Pope story. I had intended to release it this month, but with my Amazon issues I’ve delayed it until I can be free of KDP Select and release it where I want, for what price I want. So now I’m realistically aiming for an April release date.

Watch this space, and don’t forget to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Goodreads for updates and general ramblings, and maybe some pictures of cats in predicaments!


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